Parenting: Can One Master It?

Parenting is not an easy task. An onlooker may be quick to judge and point fingers at a child and blame the parents for their behaviors. What people fail to notice is that there are many layers to training a child and building them into responsible individuals. 

It becomes a point of concern, especially for young parents to know if they are doing it right or wrong. Every parent is a parent for the first time, and they can never be sure of their actions, such as times when their kids use a walker for carpet or how they react to eating vegetables, et cetera. Even parents of multiple children cannot testify to being experts in the field because every child is different, and the same formula does not work. So, in the end, what works?

How can one be a good parent?

Since humans are not perfect, the parent should not set unreachable expectations on themselves or on the kid. You are not going to be right the whole time and it is alright to make a few blunders, but every decision you take must be taken considering the best for your child. Not putting too much pressure on them is a good option because it may become burdensome to them but one should refrain from being too cut off from their lives as they may feel a lack of love and care. One should be involved, and the child should feel trusted. This builds good self-esteem.

As a young kid, they are always around you and if you are unable to walk the steps of the advice you preach; they will most likely not take up the lessons. One must be a good role model that will enable them to follow your footsteps. This is an important step to parenting.

The child may become rebellious if they see you living a life that goes against the principle you preach. They may find themselves going along paths that you did not wish to pave. Being an imperfect human may limit one from being the best, but one should try their best since young children only observe and do not understand yet. As they grow older, they will learn to appreciate the effort.

Show them, love.

Express your love for them. Children are fragile people, so one needs to let them know that they are loved individuals. The parent should give them assurance about their self-worth. Children that are not loved properly usually grow into adults that search for love in all the wrong places. The parent should be able to show them that they are deserving of profound love and they do not deserve any less.

It takes time and effort to master the art of parenting. It requires hard work but even then, one cannot be sure about the results. What matters most is that one should understand your child. One can only enforce the right rules and boundaries when one knows the little human that they are dealing with.

Take time to do this, guide them in their ways, and watch from the sideline as they grow, then you have done enough, and you have done well.