It is less and less common to see children playing in squares, playgrounds or in the yard with friends. This change in their play habits is mainly due to the fact that new technologies capture their attention and many prefer video games to going out for a run. It is true that video games can be educational and that they contribute to the development of some cognitive functions, but we cannot forget that children also need to run, jump, and interact with their peers outdoors. For this reason, traditional games should not go out of style. In fact, traditional games are a very healthy pastime in which children can combine entertainment with fun and develop physical skills such as balance, strength, agility and motor coordination. In addition, these games also allow the child to socialize, develop conflict resolution skills and improve their language. Hopscotch If your child has already turned 4 years old, he will be ready to learn to play hopscotch. It is a very entertaining hobby that only requires an open space, a chalk and an object that can be thrown to the ground, such as a stone or a sheet. It is necessary to draw a diagram of 10 squares on the ground, there are different ways to position the squares but make sure to number each one, from 1 to 10. Blind chicken Blind chicken is one of the oldest games and bears a lot of resemblance to the game of hide-and-seek and pillage. To play, you only need a minimum of 4 people and a garment that serves to cover the eyes of one of them, which can be a handkerchief, a scarf or a bandage. Bag race The sack race is a very simple and fun game that only requires a few sacks or bags. However, it is important that children play on safe ground, which does not have many slopes, since falls are practically inevitable, so it is recommended for children older than 7 years. Of course, the more children play the better, because the objective is to make a competition and whoever arrives faster wins. Cops and robbers It is one of the most popular popular games, in fact, you probably remember when you played it as a kid. The rules are very simple, two teams must be formed: a group of policemen and another of thieves. At the starting signal, the group of thieves must run to hide while the policemen wait a reasonable time before going out to look for them. The policemen must search for the robbers in their hiding places and if they find them, they win the game. If the thieves manage to escape their hiding places and manage to group together, they win the game. The statues All the children who wish can participate in this game. One player stands in front of the rest, at a distance of approximately five meters, and turns his back to them. The rest of the players must advance towards him, making as little noise as possible . Whoever is in front can turn to the group at any time and the others must go into “statue” mode, in the position they have remained. If the player in front “catches” someone moving, he will say his name and have to return to the starting point. Whoever first manages to reach the back of the player who is positioned in front of the group wins.